Welcome to Double Shoals

The site of the first cotton mill In Cleveland County..

1847 marks the first record of activity on the site where the mill currently stands.

Following the civil war the property switched hands and in 1874 the major structure that currently stands was constructed and the history begins. Over the year lots of progress was made and the last structure was built around 1970. The building, the property and the houses around the mill seem to have froze in time. Creating a beautiful location that must be seen to be understood.


Event space

In reality it is so much more than just event space. When you host your gathering here you will be surrounded by history, a history you can feel. As we renovate this building we are taking care not to disturb many of the things that give it the charm the took over 100 years to develop. We see it as beauty hiding in the the unperfect.

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Not your typical repair shop. Imagine building the perfect car..... in your mind. This is the shop that will turn it into reality! Classic cars such as the Camaro to the right or even things a bit older have a the style to turn heads. What they lack is the performance to keep up in our fast paced world...

Imagine if everything you dislike solved: braking, steering acceleration, fuel mileage, modern conveniences, etc..... Now that would be perfect! Corbett's Auto Restoration & Fabbit Customs can make it happen

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What is art? paint and canvas? sculpture? crafts? wood? pottery? YES.... Art is all of these. Think of it as a way to express our creativeness that dances around in our heads. Old Mill Art Studio is the outlet you have been looking for. With classes for all ages and skill levels.... learn to paint or create a craft for your home you can proudly display and say "I made this!"

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